We use our experience and the power of ICT to shape the future of society with our customers. TEKPLUGIN delivers total solutions in the field of Information and Communication Technology. Along with multifaceted services provision, our comprehensive business encompasses the development, sales, and maintenance of the cutting-edge, high- quality technology and electronic devices that make these services possible. We provide corporate customers around the globe with IT-driven business solutions based on our advanced technology and high-quality system platforms and services.

TEKPLUGIN provides solutions/system integration services focused on information system consulting and integration, and infrastructure services centered on outsourcing services (complete information system operation and management).TEKPLUGIN provides mission-critical software and technology services to institutions in virtually every segment of all industries. These solutions meet a multitude of needs, but support a common aim: to help drive our customers’ unique business strategies— whether that means increasing efficiency, improving customer service, complying with regulations, or capturing growth opportunities through innovation.

TEKPLUGIN, the software engineering company, believes, practices and evangelizes the practice of the software engineering principles. These principles are encapsulated in the best practices, aligning with industry standards including ISO, CMMI, Unified Process, Model Driven Development, etc and using related software engineering tool sets from popular tool vendors and open source.

TEKPLUGIN enables clients to adopt the software development’s best practices in harmony with software engineering principles. Our unshifting focus on software engineering enables our clients to establish a better relationship with their customers by focusing on the requirement, design, modeling, testing, configuration, and change management areas. Thereby supporting your transition from mundane software dvelopment to high-value software engineering.

To expand the market reach and penetration through a successful and satisfied clientele and partners,
who have benefited with the services and support provided by TEKPLUGIN Limited

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